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The State of US Health Insurance

From the AMA:

Employer-sponsored coverage has declined steadily since Gallup began tracking health insurance in 2008. At the end of that year, about 50% of those polled received insurance through an employer. A Gallup Poll from the third quarter of 2011 provides a breakdown of health insurance coverage. Among U.S. adults:

44.5%: Insured through an employer
25.1%: Insured through a government plan
17.3%: Uninsured
11.4%: Have some other type of coverage
1.7%: Don’t know/refused to answer/not applicable

The Commonwealth Fund found that from 2003 to 2010:

  • Average total premiums rose by 50%.
  • Average annual employee share increased by 63%.
  • Average per-person deductible increased by 98%.
  • If the rate of growth in insurance premiums from 2003 to 2010 holds, the average annual premium for family health coverage will near $24,000 by 2020, or about $2,000 per month.

Source: “State Trends in Premiums and Deductibles, 2003-2010: The Need for Action to Address Rising Costs,” Commonwealth Fund, Nov. 17


What’s the Most Popular Part of Health Reform?

What do you think is the most popular provision of health care reform?

To the surprise of many, the most popular provision in health care reform, is requiring health insurers to provide “easy-to-understand” plan summaries.

According to a survey performed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 60% of respondents marked a simplified and easy-to-read coverage summary as the greatest thing since sliced bread. The least popular provision was the individual mandate, which will be decided in the up and coming Supreme Court case.